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Fervent by Priscilla Shirer - Book ReviewFervent by Priscilla Shirer

This book is so good, it would probably make my top ten if I was to put one together. It is the first book in a long time that I have finished and opened the front cover as soon as I had closed the back cover. I read it 3 times in a row, it was that good!

This is a must read for anyone working on their prayer life and for those serious prayer warriors. I am sure this book will stretch your prayer life and draw you closer to Jesus no matter where you currently are.


How the Book works

Each chapter starts with, “If I were your enemy,” and then it goes into some detail on how the enemy destroys us in that (chapter) area of our life. Examples of areas covered are Our Passion, Our Identity, Our Family, Our Past, and Our relationships. In each chapter Priscilla gives keen insight and pinpoints some scriptures for the specific area of topic. The back of the book has detachable prayer cards, to write out your prayers so they can be prayed over daily. The idea is taking our prayer life to another step, beyond bless my family and help me with X. To dig into scripture, to be very strategic about our prayer life. When we put this much time and energy into a prayer, you want in where you can pray it every day. The basis is to write a prayer for each chapter. However, I came away with many more prayers than chapters.

My Experience

Please allow me to share with you a little of how this book has impacted my prayer life. I had felt that my prayers were a little stagnant. I knew that my relationship with the Lord was not growing like it had in the past. Many times I was praying for help in this area. I searched for books on prayer and read a couple that were good and helped some. Then about 2 years ago I saw the movie “The War Room”, if you have not seen it yet your really are missing out on something great. This movie made me really hunger for a deeper more meaningful prayer life. And then I found this book, I don’t think my prayer life or my relationship with the Lord will ever be the same. I have found that writing out my prayers, and being deliberate about including Scripture is so powerful. I not only read my specific prayers daily, I also journal my morning prayer and including scripture really makes a difference, more than I would ever have imagined.

Priscilla says

In the book Priscilla says, “There’s strategy to this combination of the Word and prayer. From Scripture we receive written proof of what God has done for us, what He’s created us and called us and empowered us into becoming. Then in prayer we cooperate with Him to stamp these truths repeatedly into our hearts. And then, more than that, we access them and engage them and draw down their power into our everyday experience.”

Honestly, I can’t tell you just how much this book has impacted my life. I would recommend it to anyone! I feel like I didn’t say a lot, out of fear that I may say too much. And then no one would read my crazy long book review. So, If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below or contact me via the contact me page.