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The Proverbs 31 Woman versus The Titus 2 Woman!

Debra/ September 19, 2017/ Blog/ 2 comments

A Comparison A very dear friend and sister in Christ asked me about writing a comparison of these two verses that give women examples of how to live. I’ll be honest, I had never thought of comparing them so the idea bounced off me at first, but I knew it would be good if only because I trust my friend.

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What is The Cost of Forgiveness?

Debra/ September 5, 2017/ Blog/ 2 comments

The cost of forgiveness? According to the Bible all sin must be atoned for, the price must be paid. Neither you nor I are able to pay that price, it would take a person without sin. We are incapable of obtaining our own forgiveness. God has a perfect law in place, and if it is not followed then there is

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Let’s Turn CANCER Into cancer

Debra/ August 29, 2017/ Blog/ 0 comments

Let’s Turn CANCER Into cancer The word cancer has too much power, all negative power. It is a power of fear, pain, and death. Therefore, I have come to the realization that it is a tool of Satan and we should fight against it. Do not forget that there is a battle going on. The enemy wants you to forget,

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What is Freedom?

Debra/ August 22, 2017/ Blog

Are you free? Are you sure? Americans have such a materialistic, selfish view of what freedom is. What about freedom, outside of being an “American” or how about freedom being a “Human” The constitution talks about “inalienable rights” tells me that inalienable means; not transferable to another or not capable of being taken away or denied. also tells

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A life in Christ – Narrow is the way

Debra/ August 15, 2017/ Blog

Today my Bible reading took me to Psalm 44, this Psalm is a bit different from most as it discusses defeat in battle. I believe that in the writers mind the defeat is due to the Lord not fighting for them, they are not trusting in their swords, they are trusting and waiting for God to bring His strength. The

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6 Do’s When Fear Feels Bigger Than God

Debra/ August 1, 2017/ Blog

I don’t know about you, but I struggle with fear. Just moving through all the newness of trying to create a blog makes me want to run. I am good with computers they don’t scare me. But this, this scares me. Why is obedience so scary? I should be filled with joy as I walk closer to God than ever

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My First Blogger Recognition Award! WOW!

Debra/ July 30, 2017/ Blog

THANK YOU! I am so grateful and humbled by this nomination. A Big thank you to Heather at Sassy Sensibility for nominating me. You should check her out blog, she has a great post “Declutter Your Chaos” and if you have any kids heading to college soon hurry over to  for some great tips and advice. My Journey: My

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My Weakness His Strength

Debra/ July 21, 2017/ Blog

For my very first blog post I want to write on the importance of the Name I chose for this site. “My Weakness His Strength” comes from one of my life verses; “…My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness…” 2 Cor 12:9 This was the response Paul had received after he asked the

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