Hello and Welcome to my adventure in writing!

Who am I-

My name is Debra, I am a child of God, wife, and mother, and now a Christian blogger. My youngest just graduated High School so that puts me very close to an empty nester. I have a full-time job, working with numbers, budget and finance stuff, nothing exciting it is all very analytical. So, when I am at home I try to balance the analytical with some creativity. I do a variety of different crafts, and love to trying new things. I also love photography, I find the world we live in beautiful, everywhere I go I am so amazed at all that God has given us. I also live with fibromyalgia and am a breast cancer survivor. Writing/blogging is just me trusting and obeying my Lord. This is for Him, it is His, I am only His instrument.


Why am I here-

I am truly just trying to follow the guidance of the Lord. Which if I am to be honest, I must tell you that, I am a stiff-necked person that is very rebellious even when I think I am trying to be obedient. I knew over 10 years ago, that the Lord wanted me to write, it was a clear instruction. Although, I was scared, and I guess the fear lead to confusion. I wrote for a little bit (mostly I collected things that I liked, and did some research- I enjoy the research it’s good for instruction) and then I slacked off and let everything else get in the way and take all my time. Eventually I conveniently “forgot” that I was supposed to be writing.

Over the past couple of years, I have had multiple things, such as a Bible studies, health issues, and a desire to pray more, everything keeps pointing me back to the Lord leading me to write. Then as I am on one hand trying to ignore these signs, and with the other hand I am desperately working to draw nearer to the Lord…. Well as you can imagine I keep coming up against the same wall. I know I shouldn’t be surprised, all I can say is that I am a slow learner. Unfortunately, it took a lot to get me to “remember” what I have been called to do. I am very ashamed of this fact. Now this is my attempt to follow the Lords will and bring this wall down.

I am not a writer, I never even liked English so please excuse me if i misspell words, have poor grammar, sentence structure, and/or punctuation…. I am sorry! I hope to have some fun and share some of my life, heart and soul with you. In this format, I expect to be writing in large part on what I am learning in my walk with Jesus, so it will be a part of me, my history. I try to write as I would talk and I aim to be real and honest with God, myself, and you, my reader. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading anything I have written.